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    Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, "The discussion about identity is not (only) about identity it really is a discussion about liberty. Ambien in us, The thing is that there is no liberty without identity. Having an identity is the condition for achieving liberty, Ambien over the counter. Online buy Ambien without a prescription, Only the ruling classes have the privilege to announce that they are "without identity" they define there identity as universal and deny the crushed identity of the oppressed. Those who except the revoking of identity, Ambien to buy, Online buying Ambien hcl, or the common contrasting of identity and justice, actually accept the distorted identity given to them, Ambien san diego, Saturday delivery Ambien, that "disturbed being" based on an instinctive adaptation of a pre defined identity, the place the ruling elites prepared for him, Ambien buy.

    But identity is not static; it's all the time an act of choice: a choice from the foundations of the past in order to point them to the future, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills. Order Ambien online c.o.d, But the discussion about identity is not a choice, it part of the structure of the human existence, order Ambien no prescription. Where can i find Ambien online, More so, the choice depends on accepting an engagement with the past, buy Ambien online with no prescription, Ambien overseas, to tradition. Only through responsibility and obligation to the past you will find choice, where can i buy Ambien online. Where to buy Ambien, The discourse of identity is not withdrawal, but the path for an inclusive struggle, purchase Ambien online no prescription, Ambien discount, that will mark "the horizon of us all". Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin explaining Dudi Machlev1

    Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, Self-determination is defined as a free choice of one's own acts without external compulsion, and especially the freedom of the people of a given territory to determine their own political status or independence from their current state. Self-definition is the evaluation by oneself of one's worth as an individual in distinction from one's interpersonal or social roles.2 Most people believe this and a United Nations charter confirming this was accepted by almost all countries, buy no prescription Ambien online. Ambien prices, However, the right to change your mind, order Ambien online overnight delivery no prescription, Ambien to buy online, or not even decide, collectively or individually is as important, buy generic Ambien. Buy Ambien without a prescription, The freedom of start one's life again in some aspect should be a basic human right.

    The Transnational Republic is a group of artists that are working to construct the first Republic where citizens are defined by the similarity of their beliefs and feelings, Ambien pills. The new republic will represent its citizens on a civil level, for the first time not succumbing to national interests but concentrating on global concerns, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills. Where can i order Ambien without prescription, In their manifesto they relate to the freedom of representation that is completely linked to the freedom of choice of self.

    "Freedom of thought
    Freedom of speech
    Freedom to choose one's representation

    The first two points are already encoded as fundamental human rights, rx free Ambien. Ambien price, coupon, All of us, however, next day Ambien, Buy Ambien from canada, are still being denied the right to choose one's representation. At the moment of our birth we hand over our right of representation to a nation and have no possibility - except maybe through emigration or marriage - to change our nationality, buy Ambien online without prescription. Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, Moreover, this selection through birth might be a happy one, but equally it might not. Over the counter Ambien, Someone unlucky enough to be born into a dictatorship will have to more or less live with it. What makes this more problematic is that the nations not only have the "birth right" to represent the citizens, delivered overnight Ambien, Ambien from canadian pharmacy, but can even choose whom they want to represent. The respect a nation has for its citizens is thus subject to the arbitrariness and the historical and cultural development of the respective national system, Ambien gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Ambien for sale, The situation is further aggravated as nations, sadly, where can i buy cheapest Ambien online, Order Ambien online overnight delivery no prescription, have few incentives to represent their citizens optimally, as there is little fear of losing citizens due to sub-optimal actions, Ambien from canadian pharmacy.
    Nations lose their citizens only in situations of crisis or war - as in the case of the former GDR or Argentina, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills. Order Ambien no prescription, A dramatically different situation presents itself in the representation of trans-national corporations: these can leave any nation, any time, Ambien prescriptions, Where can i buy Ambien online, and immigrate to another nation.
    Transnational corporations don't even have to change their letterhead, Ambien buy. Next day Ambien, It's enough to relocate the accounting of the corporation's profits."3

    1 Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Words following “Thought on Identity” by Dudi Machlev, Ambien in japan.  Ambien san diego, Haoketz.org, 4.9.06

    2 Merriam-Webster online dictionary

    3 www.transnationalrepublic.org
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    “Jewish heritage is love of freedom and good cooking” Heinrich Heine
    Generic Xanax 2mg Pills, To paraphrase the Indymedia slogan, “don’t hate media, become the media” I would like to propose, “don’t hate the state, become a state”. Xanax paypal, Yes, states are not the best idea, Xanax discount, Buy Xanax without prescription, national states are the worst. I would love a social revolution based on universal principles of freedom and liberty for all, Xanax pills, Buy Xanax from mexico, unfortunately, national affinities are deeper than class solidarity and therefore we will have to compromise and try to make a proper state until the downfall of capitalism occurs, buy Xanax from canada. Delivered overnight Xanax, According to Kropotkin, in order for internationalism to take root it is necessary for folks to first gain autonomy, Xanax price, coupon. Xanax in usa, The main possible solution offered today for a Jew who does not want to assimilate or take part in the rabbinical orthodox stream that claims that there is no Judaism except the religious hallachic way, is the national Zionistic monopoly that makes Judaism equivalent to supporting Israel, saturday delivery Xanax.

    Zionism – which I think has been traumatic for the Jews as well as the Palestinians – seems untouchable, so deeply has it entered the hearts of people and how they see themselves, Generic Xanax 2mg Pills. Sale Xanax, Nevertheless, we have to build an alternative for those who admit and accept their own sense of nationhood but do not agree with Zionism, buy Xanax online with no prescription. Xanax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, A polish artist told me that in Poland, ‘Jew’ is a bad word, Xanax trusted pharmacy reviews, Order Xanax from mexican pharmacy, but it also means freedom and democracy (which are still bad words for many people in Poland). We should use this power, where to buy Xanax, Purchase Xanax online no prescription, be proud in this stigma and thrive to live up to this evaporation reputation. I propose that the state flag will be a white flag, Xanax from international pharmacy, Buy cheap Xanax no rx, which is a flag of surrender, yet also a flag symbolizing a clean pure start (but of course the citizens will have to decide when the state is established), Xanax to buy. Generic Xanax 2mg Pills, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kok, the most inffluential thinker on religious Zionism, had a surprisingly radical and amazing thought after witnessing the horrors of the killings of World War One, “we (the Jews) were raped (forced) to leave world politics, but we also left willingly, until the time is right, where it will be possible to run a kingdom without wickedness and barbarism”1

    I think we should not give up and still try to live up Rav Kok’s ideas. Buy Xanax no prescription, I want to follow the way of Ahad Ha’am (Asher Zvi Ginsberg), who advocated the establishment of a cultural center for Jews that would serve as a unifying core of cultural life and would aim at spiritual and scientific excellence - to establish a Jewish State, Xanax in canada, Xanax in mexico, and not merely a state of Jews.

    “The secret of our people’s persistence is… at a very early period the Prophets taught it to respect only spiritual power, cod online Xanax, Purchase Xanax, and not to worship material power. For this reason the clash with enemies stronger than itself never brought the Jewish nation, order Xanax online c.o.d, Online buying Xanax hcl, as it did the other nations of antiquity, to the point of self-effacement, purchase Xanax online. Over the counter Xanax, So long as we are faithful to this principle, our existence has a secure basis: for in spiritual power we are not inferior to other nations, Xanax to buy online, Xanax overseas, and we have no reason to efface ourselves. But a political ideal which does not rest on the national culture is apt to seduce us from our loyalty to spiritual greatness, and to beget in us a tendency to find the path of glory in the attainment of material power and political dominion, thus breaking the thread that unites us with the past, and undermining our historical basis, Generic Xanax 2mg Pills. Needless to say, buy Xanax online no prescription, Fast shipping Xanax, if the political ideal is not attained, it will have disastrous consequences, rx free Xanax, Free Xanax samples, because we shall have lost the old basis without finding a new one…”

    “…In a word: Chibbath Zion, no less than “Zionism, order Xanax from United States pharmacy, Where can i find Xanax online, ” wants a Jewish State and believes in the possibility of the establishment of a Jewish State in the future. But while “ Zionism “ looks to the Jewish State to provide a remedy for poverty, Xanax in india, Xanax medication, complete tranquillity and national glory, Chibbath Zion knows that our State will not give us all these things until “universal Righteousness is enthroned and holds sway over nations and States”: and it looks to a Jewish State to provide only a “secure refuge” for Judaism and a cultural bond of unity for our nation, buying Xanax online over the counter. Xanax overseas, ‘‘Zionism, therefore, buy Xanax without a prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Xanax online, begins its work with political propaganda; Chibbath Zion begins with national culture, because only through the national culture and for its sake can a Jewish State be established in such a way as to correspond with the will and the needs of the Jewish people”.2

    1 Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kok, buy Xanax without prescription, Buy cheap Xanax, Orot Hakodesh 14. quoted in Avraham Burg, purchase Xanax online, Order Xanax no prescription, Victory over Hitler

    2 Ahad Ha’am, The Jewish State and Jewish Problem (1897)
    , Xanax craiglist. Real brand Xanax online. Xanax in india. Xanax trusted pharmacy reviews. Xanax price, coupon. Xanax buy. Xanax san diego. Order Xanax from United States pharmacy. Purchase Xanax. Next day Xanax. Xanax in usa. Cod online Xanax. Where to buy Xanax. Xanax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Xanax over the counter. Order Xanax from mexican pharmacy. Over the counter Xanax. Xanax prices.

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    Weight Loss Pack Phentermine + Adipex (Brand), “The is a curious thing about anti-Semitism is that anti-Semitism is like alcoholism. Phentermine to buy online, You can go for 25 years without a drink, but if things go bad and you find yourself with vodka in your hand, order Phentermine online overnight delivery no prescription, Rx free Phentermine, you can’t get rid of it”.1

    “Retro avant-garde” a term contrived by Neue Slowenische Kunst, is based on the premise that traumas from the past affecting the present and the future can only be healed by returning to the initial conflicts, Phentermine in us. Buy Phentermine from canada, We should use conflict as a tool. Raise the issues from the past that we are so afraid to touch, where can i buy Phentermine online. Purchase Phentermine online no prescription, Open the wounds that are still so infected. Open them to clean them, take out the puss, Weight Loss Pack Phentermine + Adipex (Brand). It will hurt but only then is there a chance that it will heal properly, Phentermine tablets. Free Phentermine samples, Conflict, division, buy Phentermine from mexico, Buy cheap Phentermine no rx, and instability do not ruin the democratic public sphere - they are conditions for its existence. Here there should be agitation and provocation to be found; a democratization of the conflict is needed, buy Phentermine online no prescription, Buy Phentermine online with no prescription, where new ideas and new players are allowed to participate. We have to be as irresponsible as possible, Phentermine in mexico, Phentermine pills, since it is only in this way that we can reach the core problems. Weight Loss Pack Phentermine + Adipex (Brand), In the film 80064 (illustrations), Artist Artur Zmijewki persuades Jozef Tarnawa, a former Auschwitz prisoner to have his camp number on his arm re-tattooed. The man hesitates, fast shipping Phentermine, Sale Phentermine, but finally, gives in to Zmijewski’s strenuous persuasions, where can i order Phentermine without prescription. Buy no prescription Phentermine online, The scene in the tattoo shop depicts (and re-enacts) the conformist mechanism of the total acceptance of fate and of subjection to inhuman rules, which gave the camp prisoners a slight chance to survive, buy Phentermine no prescription. Buy generic Phentermine, The film is very disturbing and morally problematic, yet, Phentermine to buy, Order Phentermine online c.o.d, Zmijewki created within this situation of conflict, an extremely significant document about the human condition, Phentermine from international pharmacy. Phentermine discount, Throughout history, literature and mythology we can perceive the trickster, Phentermine in japan, Buy Phentermine online cod, also considered the conflict maker, as the one who helps us see the world differently, where can i find Phentermine online. Figuring out points of divisions between the sacred and profane, the dirty and clean, high and low, important and unimportant as well as marking and also violating the boundaries, Weight Loss Pack Phentermine + Adipex (Brand). Where to buy Phentermine, He shows us that we can cross them, that it is not enough to point, online buy Phentermine without a prescription, Ordering Phentermine online, or to even mark the boundaries, the taboos, buy Phentermine online without prescription, Phentermine for sale, the problems. One has to take the risk, Phentermine from canadian pharmacy, Phentermine in australia, violating these boundaries too; be the queer patriot, the seventh son, online buying Phentermine hcl, Delivered overnight Phentermine, the strategic farter. Be the signifying monkey, Phentermine prescriptions, Phentermine medication, even though you could fall off the tree.

    We have to show that we could cross the boundaries, buy Phentermine online without a prescription, Phentermine in canada, while encouraging ambiguity and confusion. Weight Loss Pack Phentermine + Adipex (Brand), Make it clear that nothing is clear; yet reveal that change could happen nonetheless. Keep people on their toes by maintaining a potential for change; so we don’t relax in our a sense of knowing, saturday delivery Phentermine. Phentermine paypal, Make sure there are problems, or pick at the ever-present problems, Phentermine in uk, Buying Phentermine online over the counter, but do it using humor, there should be a tongue-and-cheek element, buy no prescription Phentermine online. Buy generic Phentermine, Once more, it should be done by using humor, buy Phentermine online cod, Order Phentermine no prescription, by fooling around or doing the unexpected, by not respecting the sacredness/or sanctity of history, order Phentermine from mexican pharmacy, Phentermine in us, nation, religion and of course art, Phentermine discount, Cod online Phentermine, and the art world practices it enshrines. “When human culture turns against human beings themselves the trickster appears as a kind of savior.”2 Today we need the trickster, Phentermine in usa, Phentermine in australia, in this world where racism, fear, purchase Phentermine, Sale Phentermine, borders, walls, buy Phentermine online with no prescription, Buy Phentermine no prescription, checkpoints, continuous violence and conflict thrive, Phentermine to buy.

    “Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe argue3 that a fully functioning democratic society is not one in which all antagonisms have disappeared, but one in which new political frontiers are constantly being drawn and brought into debate—in other words, a democratic society is one in which relations of conflict are sustained, not erased, Weight Loss Pack Phentermine + Adipex (Brand). Buy Phentermine online without prescription, Without antagonism there is only the imposed consensus of authoritarian order—a total suppression of debate and discussion, which is inimical to democracy, where to buy Phentermine. Real brand Phentermine online, It is important to stress right away that the idea of antagonism is not understood by Laclau and Mouffe to be a pessimistic acceptance of political deadlock; antagonism does not signal “the expulsion of utopia from the field of the political.” On the contrary, they maintain that without the concept of utopia there is no possibility of a radical imaginary, Phentermine buy. Phentermine over the counter, The task is to balance the tension between imaginary ideal and pragmatic management of a social positivity without lapsing into the totalitarian.”(4)

    1 Iain Pears, International Herald Tribune, 11.8.2003

    2 Lewis Hyde, Trickster Makes this World , p. 279

    3 Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe, Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics

    4 Clair Bishop, Antagonism and Relational Aesthetics, October 110, Fall 2004, pp. 51–79.

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    Generic Modafinil 200mg Pills, People get ready, there's a train coming
    You don't need no baggage, you just get on board
    All you need is faith to hear the diesels humming
    You don't need no ticket no no you just thank the lord
    People get ready, there's a train to Jordan
    Picking up passengers from coast to coast
    Faith is the key, open the doors and board all
    There's hope for all among who love the most
    People get ready
    Ohohohoh come come
    Curtis Mayfield 1965

    In order to support the movement, you shouldn't feel you have to or want to become a citizen of the state. In the same way that one can support their football team, Modafinil for sale, Over the counter Modafinil, you don't have to get on the field and kick the ball, you just have to show that you are behind them, Modafinil price, coupon. Modafinil from international pharmacy, The movement needs people and anyone who believes in this idea is welcome. Don't worry so much; just join the movement so the "unity of fate" should not scare you, buy cheap Modafinil. Buy Modafinil online no prescription. Buy Modafinil without a prescription. Buy cheap Modafinil no rx. Order Modafinil from United States pharmacy. Modafinil craiglist. Buy Modafinil from mexico. Modafinil gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Free Modafinil samples. Modafinil in india. Purchase Modafinil online. Modafinil prices. Modafinil in canada. Delivered overnight Modafinil. Online buying Modafinil hcl. Where can i find Modafinil online. Ordering Modafinil online. Modafinil in uk. Where can i buy Modafinil online. Modafinil to buy online. Modafinil overseas. Rx free Modafinil. Modafinil trusted pharmacy reviews. Fast shipping Modafinil. Modafinil from canadian pharmacy. Online buy Modafinil without a prescription. Buying Modafinil online over the counter. Purchase Modafinil online no prescription. Modafinil pills. Next day Modafinil. Modafinil in japan. Where can i buy cheapest Modafinil online. Modafinil san diego. Order Modafinil online overnight delivery no prescription. Modafinil medication. Buy Modafinil from canada. Modafinil prescriptions. Buy Modafinil without prescription. Where can i order Modafinil without prescription. Order Modafinil online c.o.d. Modafinil in mexico. Buy Modafinil online without a prescription. Modafinil paypal. Where to buy Modafinil. Modafinil tablets. Saturday delivery Modafinil. Modafinil medication. Modafinil in uk. Modafinil paypal. Buy no prescription Modafinil online. Free Modafinil samples. Buy Modafinil online no prescription. Modafinil over the counter. Where can i buy cheapest Modafinil online. Modafinil in japan. Buy Modafinil from mexico. Delivered overnight Modafinil. Modafinil from international pharmacy. Modafinil to buy. Modafinil in usa. Buy generic Modafinil.

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    Generic Xanax 2mg Pills, I am the last Jewish Intellectual; you don't know anyone else like this... the only true follower of Adorno, buy cheap Xanax. Order Xanax online overnight delivery no prescription, Let me put it this way: I am a Jewish Palestinian." Edward Said1

    When talking about a nation state, it's important to define what a nation is and also to address nationalism, buy Xanax from canada. Where to buy Xanax, We cannot deny the place nationalism plays both in history and today, and by only seeing it as some primitive instinct we are denying the real needs of people, over the counter Xanax. Buy Xanax without a prescription, Martin Buber in his address to the 12th Zionist congress in Karlsbad 1921, makes a distinction between two kinds of nationalism, where can i order Xanax without prescription. Positive nationalism that "in an hour of crises.., Generic Xanax 2mg Pills. Xanax prices, expresses the true awareness of a people and translates into action" as well as, warns to mend the situation of "lack of unity, real brand Xanax online, Buy Xanax without prescription, freedom, and territorial security", Xanax from canadian pharmacy. Buy Xanax online cod, However, false nationalism "eats at its marrow" and "refuse to admit that there is a greater structure, Xanax trusted pharmacy reviews, Sale Xanax, unless it be the worldwide supremacy of his own particular nation. He tries to grapple with the problem of the cracked and the shattered present by undermining it instead of transcending it."2

    To be more exact we must define what "people" means, purchase Xanax. Next day Xanax, And again let me refer to Buber:

    "The word ‘people' tends, above all, Xanax discount, Buying Xanax online over the counter, to evoke the idea of blood relationship. Generic Xanax 2mg Pills, But kinship is not the sine que non for the origin of people. A people need not necessarily be the fusion of kindred stems; it can be the fusion of unrelated stems just as well, where to buy Xanax. Where can i find Xanax online, But the concept ‘people' always implies unity of fate. It presupposes that in a great creative hour throngs of human beings were shaped into a new entity by great molding fate they experienced in common, Xanax in canada. Saturday delivery Xanax, [...]
    A people becomes a nation to degree that it grows aware that its existence differs from that of other people and acts on the basis of this awareness. So the term ‘nation' signifies the unit ‘people,' from the point of view of conscious and active difference, Generic Xanax 2mg Pills. Historically speaking, Xanax prescriptions, Xanax overseas, this consciousness is usually the result of some inner-social or political-transformation, through which the people come to realize their own peculiar structure and actions, online buying Xanax hcl, Online buy Xanax without a prescription, and sets them off from those of others. It is decisive activity and suffering, buy Xanax online with no prescription, Order Xanax from United States pharmacy, especially in an age of migration and land conquests, which produces a people, purchase Xanax online. Xanax to buy online, A nation is produced when its acquired status undergoes a decisive inner change which is accepted a such in the people's self consciousness. [...]3

    Medinat Weimar aspires to define being Jewish as a voluntary choice, order Xanax no prescription. Generic Xanax 2mg Pills, Those who choose to take part in the unity of fate, who wants to share a common future. Buy Xanax no prescription, Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David became part of the Jewish people by joining her dead husband's mother, ordering Xanax online, Fast shipping Xanax, by saying to her "Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay, purchase Xanax online no prescription. Xanax tablets, Your people will be my people and your God my God"4. Ruth is celebrated as a convert to Judaism just by understanding Jewish principles and by taking them to heart, buy Xanax online without a prescription. Xanax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Sartre's definition: Jews are those who are considered by others as Jews, irrespective of their religious or ethnic allegiance is bond in the tragic Jewish history, Xanax for sale. The failure of emancipation, the negative Jewish experience of assimilation and anti-Semitism showed us how little choice there is, Generic Xanax 2mg Pills. Xanax pills, The law of return, the right of a Jew to become citizens of the state of Israel is also vested in a child and a grandchild of a Jew, order Xanax from mexican pharmacy, Xanax craiglist, the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a child of a Jew and the spouse of a grandchild of a Jew, buy Xanax online without prescription. Order Xanax online c.o.d, Ironically and sadly this law is very similar to the Nuremberg law of defining a Jew.

    We must disengage ourselves from this kind of blood definition and build an identity based on an affiliation of ideas, Xanax buy. Xanax in mexico, Become the "aware pariah" (Bernard Lazare, 1894), Xanax san diego, Xanax in us, an outcast by choice, yet not a passive withdrawal from society, rx free Xanax, Cod online Xanax, but a critical thorn in the ass, using the outsider position as a power, buy cheap Xanax no rx. Generic Xanax 2mg Pills, Use it as a force of political rebellion, as a force of change. Where can i buy Xanax online, Challenge the world with our collective identity of the historical other.

    Most importantly, Xanax in india, Xanax price, coupon, to adopt a pariah position means also to be equally critical of one's own minority group. The creation of the state of Israel resulting in the Palestinian Nakba (tragedy) and the immigration of hundreds of thousands of refugees who came from destroyed Europe, Xanax in australia, Next day Xanax, from the Moslem countries as well as the thousands who came from all over the world over the last sixty years built a new group of people bound in common fate. This group is the force that will fashion the new Jewish state, buy Xanax no prescription. Buy cheap Xanax, In addition it can also play its part in helping the Palestinians, whom many characterize as "the victims of the victims"5 and whom Primo Levi described as "the new Jews".6


    1 Ari shavit interview of Edward Said, Xanax to buy online, Cod online Xanax, My right to Return, Haaretz, real brand Xanax online, Xanax in japan, 18.8.2000
    2 Martin Buber, Nationalism, buy Xanax without a prescription, Xanax pills, 1921, from The Weimar republic sourcebook, buy Xanax from mexico.
    3 Ibid
    4 Book of Ruth 1:16-17 NIV
    5 Interview with Edward Said, Lion of Judea, The Guardian, May 13.5.1997
    6 Jacqueline Rose interviewed by Rosemary Bechler. Nation as trauma, Zionism as question, www.opendemocracy.net

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    Diazepam 5mg Pills, Convince the citizens of Germany, the European Union, the world's Jewish communities and the international community to support the founding of the state

    When you create political art, it has to be part of a political culture. It never stands alone, where can i order Diazepam without prescription. Fast shipping Diazepam, You don't just wake up in the morning and decide, oh I am against whatever, order Diazepam no prescription, Buying Diazepam online over the counter, or lets start a movement for xyz. You are part of a community, buy cheap Diazepam no rx, Diazepam tablets, you are part of a political environment and you participate in it, ideas don't just come from nowhere, Diazepam prices, Buy Diazepam online cod, they are in the air - coming together through communal interaction.

    Theodor Herzl, Diazepam in mexico, Diazepam medication, the founder of modern Zionism, was unaware of an earlier Zionist, where can i find Diazepam online, Diazepam in canada, Leo Pinsker and his book Auto-Emancipation (1882), or about Moshe Hess's book Rome and Jerusalem (1862) calling to establish a Jewish socialist commonwealth in Palestine, Diazepam in india, Where can i buy Diazepam online, when he wrote the "Jewish state"1. He was not aware of many other similar Zionist activist groups in Eastern Europe like Chibbath Zion, Diazepam 5mg Pills. However, buy Diazepam online without prescription, Diazepam in uk, just as he came up with the idea, so did many others at the same time, Diazepam from canadian pharmacy. Diazepam in us, Herzls' success (among many) is that he articulated the ideas of Zionism in a way that it became a mass movement, and many credit Herzl abilities as a playwright in doing so.2

    When Herzl first appeared on the political scene, purchase Diazepam, Online buy Diazepam without a prescription, he thought that he would create a state by working with courtiers and statesmen, with princes and kings, buy generic Diazepam. Diazepam over the counter, He found that they could not be relied upon for truth or stability. Favorites and mercenaries encircled them, order Diazepam online overnight delivery no prescription. Diazepam 5mg Pills, Enormous responsibilities rested upon their shoulders but they seemed to behave with regard to these duties as though they were gamblers or amateurs. Over the counter Diazepam, Herzl soon realized that these were frail reeds that would break under the slightest pressure. He came to put his trust in the Jewish masses that only through a popular mass movement, buy Diazepam online with no prescription, Ordering Diazepam online, will he then manage to achieve his goals.

    A political artist has to be part of an entire political culture, Diazepam gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Sale Diazepam, Political art does not stand on its own and it only works if you are part of a wider community, culture, Diazepam paypal, Order Diazepam online c.o.d, movement, a collection of artists, where can i buy cheapest Diazepam online, Purchase Diazepam online, musicians, writers, Diazepam for sale, Diazepam prescriptions, organizers, theorists, delivered overnight Diazepam, Diazepam trusted pharmacy reviews, technicians, historians, saturday delivery Diazepam, Buy Diazepam online no prescription, lawyers, law makers, Diazepam san diego, Order Diazepam from mexican pharmacy, magicians as well as any other kinds of contributors to society. You have to work in the framework of that culture that gave birth to it, Diazepam 5mg Pills. It can never be effective on its own, buy Diazepam from canada, Diazepam craiglist, it could only be successful as part of a greater whole. For example, free Diazepam samples, Diazepam in usa, The project (un)Documented Disappearance that was made in Jena, one wouldn't have been able to do it, where to buy Diazepam, Buy Diazepam online without a prescription, if there hadn't already been an organization working on refugee issues, self-organized refugees, purchase Diazepam online no prescription, Where to buy Diazepam, a history of struggle and a community already working on the issue that one could connect to.

    If one wants to convince people, online buying Diazepam hcl, Rx free Diazepam, get them aboard, it helps to be part of their community, Diazepam to buy. Diazepam discount, It's not a strategy, it's a reality of how things work, buy no prescription Diazepam online. Diazepam 5mg Pills, Inside a community there are important jobs that art could do. Buy Diazepam without prescription, For one thing, it's important to moralize, Diazepam buy, Diazepam overseas, propaganda for the believers. I think, Diazepam in australia, Order Diazepam from United States pharmacy, people forget that morale is not something to look down on, it is especially important, Diazepam price, coupon, Diazepam from international pharmacy, even if you already agree, you can see that somebody is enforcing your ideas, online buy Diazepam without a prescription, Diazepam craiglist, it is very important to be reinforced and to know you are not alone, that we are connected and that there are other people, Diazepam in canada. Buy Diazepam online without a prescription, It can help create a network, bring people together around an idea, purchase Diazepam online no prescription, and of course it should motivate to take the ideas further, break new grounds and inspire the next step.


    1 Louis Lipsky, introduction to English version Introduction to Judenstaat, Theodor Herzl,

    2 Amos Elon, Herzl, p. 17-18 (Hebrew edition 1975)

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    Zopiclone 7.5mg Pills, Wanting to highlight his critique of Israel as a militaristic society with no place for art and culture, artist Tal Adler created "Pettek". Zopiclone pills, With other artists and activists he wished to register Pettek as a real party in Israeli politics and run for the parliament - the Knesset, in the elections, Zopiclone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Zopiclone in japan, His intention was to interfere and obstruct the political game. He believed that by inserting Pettek into the election campaign first, buy Zopiclone from mexico, Zopiclone from canadian pharmacy, and to the Knesset later, he would create an artistic disease, order Zopiclone no prescription. Zopiclone in usa, Further, if he would manage the unthinkable, Zopiclone prices, Zopiclone in mexico, he would have "infected the holy game - politics, with the bug called art", delivered overnight Zopiclone. Adler claims that we as artists should use institutions and any other platforms we can seize and use the elections as an appropriate platform for art interventions, Zopiclone 7.5mg Pills. Zopiclone over the counter,
    The "Pettek" project wishes to run for the next elections to the Israeli parliament, The "Knesset", order Zopiclone online c.o.d. Zopiclone san diego, "Pettek" project attempts to function on several levels; in the art world, in local (Israeli) politics, buy Zopiclone no prescription, Real brand Zopiclone online, on the internet and through mass media and publicity.
    The "Pettek" project identified the election campaign as a powerful platform onto which "Pettek" members wish to upload contents and actions, Zopiclone paypal. Fast shipping Zopiclone, As creative, active and productive individuals, Zopiclone tablets, Rx free Zopiclone, "Pettek" members wish to use the "Pettek" project as a public stage for the creation of a new collective activity. Zopiclone 7.5mg Pills, The "Pettek" project challenges formal concepts concerning the place of politics, and the relations between politics and art, establishment and culture, regime and subversion.
    The "Pettek" project confuses concepts and uses conventions taken from the different systems in which it interferes (politics, Zopiclone in uk, Order Zopiclone from United States pharmacy, art, finance, where can i buy Zopiclone online, Zopiclone to buy, internet, religion, Zopiclone medication, Zopiclone prescriptions, mass media, advertisement and activism) to question their validity and influence while applying them to other systems, sale Zopiclone. Zopiclone price, coupon, "Pettek" is art, politics, where to buy Zopiclone, Buy Zopiclone online cod, surrendering to systems and fighting back.
    The "Pettek" project raises the banner of the marginal, order Zopiclone from mexican pharmacy, Buy Zopiclone online with no prescription, the redundant, the unimportant and the subversive; and ignores the important, free Zopiclone samples, Zopiclone overseas, critical, essential and actual, Zopiclone discount. Buy Zopiclone online without prescription, "Pettek" is a group of individuals.
    "Pettek" didn't invent the wheel,
    "Pettek" is only taking a ride.25


    For the 1998 German elections, German Director and artist Christoph Schlingensief decided to found his own party CHANCE2000, Zopiclone 7.5mg Pills. Schlingensief sees this as his most high-profile attempt yet to unite his art with life.26
    "CHANCE 2OOO probes the rules of a party election campaign, buy Zopiclone from canada, Zopiclone in us, using democratic instruction manuals to explain to independents, for example, ordering Zopiclone online, Buy Zopiclone without a prescription, how to run for the German parliament with a minimum of red tape; at the same time, CHANCE 2OOO exposes the culture of political devices by promising nothing - its own ploy for addressing the masses.., buy cheap Zopiclone no rx. Zopiclone to buy online, "Action, action, Zopiclone for sale, Saturday delivery Zopiclone, action!" is the motto. All those involved share an interest in making "politics artistic and art political".

    Schlingensief creates a permanent state of insecurity by blurring borders between reality and fiction, buy generic Zopiclone, Zopiclone in india, art and offence, intention and action, purchase Zopiclone online. Buying Zopiclone online over the counter, One of his most interesting works was a Big Brother show with asylum-seekers in the centre of Vienna, where the last one to be ejected is supposed to win a residence permit, where can i order Zopiclone without prescription. Zopiclone trusted pharmacy reviews, Most passers-by thought the show was real, such as some leftists who even held demonstrations against the project, where can i find Zopiclone online. Order Zopiclone online overnight delivery no prescription, Schlingensief also staged Shakespeare's Hamlet in Zurich, for which he not only recruited officially repentant neo-Nazis, over the counter Zopiclone, Cod online Zopiclone, but also created a rehabilitation centre for their kin. This triggered a heated debate on the credibility of this kind of stunt, Zopiclone from international pharmacy. Purchase Zopiclone. Zopiclone buy. Buy Zopiclone online no prescription. Buy Zopiclone without prescription. Buy no prescription Zopiclone online. Where to buy Zopiclone. Online buying Zopiclone hcl. Next day Zopiclone. Zopiclone in australia. Buy cheap Zopiclone. Where can i buy cheapest Zopiclone online.

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    Phentermine 37.5mg Pills, Political acts are tolerated more if they are executed under the autonomy of art. Where can i order Phentermine without prescription, Art is very confusing for the authorities and therefore it is left alone. If you are out on the street and would decide for example to burn a trash can, delivered overnight Phentermine, Phentermine in india, and would stand around and then the police would come and say: "What are you doing?" and you would say: "Oh we are artists, we are doing art, buy Phentermine online with no prescription, Buy cheap Phentermine, and this is a metaphor for blah blah..." Then the police would probably say: "Oh, you should ask for permission", Phentermine in us. Where to buy Phentermine, And you would you start some negotiation and it probably would be okay, maybe you might have to pay a fine, where to buy Phentermine, Buy Phentermine online no prescription, but, there would be no violent interaction or conflict taking place, where can i find Phentermine online. Fast shipping Phentermine, Yet, if you were to be doing exactly the same act and the police would ask you: "What are you doing?" and you would just say: "Oh we are demonstrating against blah blah..." You would probably be arrested on the spot and there would maybe even be violence involved, buy Phentermine from mexico. It just shows that art has this autonomy, its part of the structure of these liberal democracies we live in, Phentermine 37.5mg Pills. Buy Phentermine no prescription, It's an understood agreement that we need artists, that we need these crazy people, buy no prescription Phentermine online, Saturday delivery Phentermine, but then they should stay in their autonomies together, in their galleries and their museums and within their own discussions, Phentermine buy, Phentermine discount, and with their own journals.

    The artists can do whatever they want and they can be as radical as they like, Phentermine craiglist, Phentermine in japan, talking about post-Marxist revolution, or whatever they wish to talk about, Phentermine from international pharmacy. Phentermine price, coupon, We even give them funds, because it's really good, Phentermine to buy online, Cod online Phentermine, because then we know where they all are. But as soon as the artists start walking out of the ghetto and say: "Oh no we are not happy in our ghetto, online buying Phentermine hcl, Phentermine medication, we want to go out and we want to touch society", then the authorities would say: "You could do it on our terms and we will give you a nice allowance and then you could go to the migrant's neighborhoods, Phentermine gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Phentermine for sale, where you can do a nice project and we might even give you a nice feature on TV" that says: "Look, there is some nice public art, Phentermine prescriptions, Phentermine prices, look at these cute students from all over the world", and then you have to do it on their terms, buy Phentermine from canada. Phentermine 37.5mg Pills, But what happens if one says: "No, we want to do it on our terms, we really want to touch society, we want art to touch life, and we don't want it to be a separated autonomist thing", then it turns into a political act and you'll be repressed. Buy cheap Phentermine no rx, So we got to play this game, how to work out of these frames yet still stay safe, order Phentermine no prescription, Free Phentermine samples, still manage to do it, not get blocked, Phentermine overseas. Phentermine from canadian pharmacy, One option is that we continue to bear the professionalized identity of "artist." Gene Ray claims: "This choice necessarily implies a basic allegiance to the conventions and authority of the art institutions, as well as to the structure and functions of artistic autonomy, order Phentermine from United States pharmacy. Order Phentermine online c.o.d, It does not follow, however, ordering Phentermine online, Sale Phentermine, that this allegiance must be naïve, uncritical, Phentermine in australia, Phentermine paypal, or unfailingly obedient. A minimum of conventions must be followed; others can be questioned or transgressed, real brand Phentermine online. Artists can make this minimum their object and attempt to force or provoke, if not a real negotiation then at least a critical reflection of the social functions that lie behind specific conventions or institutions and the politics that follow from them, Phentermine 37.5mg Pills. Buy generic Phentermine, This strategy has long been known as "institutional critique." While its origins lie in the counter-exhibitions mounted by Gustave Courbet and others in the nineteenth century, this stream of practices really began when Marcel Duchamp pseudonymously submitted a urinal to an "open" exhibition of the Society of Independent Artists in New York in 1917, buy Phentermine without prescription. Phentermine san diego, In the 1960s and 70s it came into its own, as a strategic approach to be investigated and elaborated, where can i buy Phentermine online, Over the counter Phentermine, in the exemplary works of Marcel Broodthaers, Daniel Buren, Phentermine pills, Purchase Phentermine, Hans Haacke, and others".1

    But I'm not interested in "institutional critique" even though I can't deny that I've been inspired by these practices, order Phentermine from mexican pharmacy. Phentermine over the counter, What I'm claiming is the use of the professionalized identity of "artist" as a shield, a safety net, buying Phentermine online over the counter. Phentermine to buy, Today it's clear where the institutions stand, their place in capitalist structures and how they use criticism as a way as affirming themselves, buy Phentermine online without prescription. Phentermine 37.5mg Pills, It is counter-productive to further discuss the institutional critique of the art world without a genuine one taking place regarding the society the institutions are representing. Buy Phentermine online without a prescription, Yet, we can use the institutions, order Phentermine online overnight delivery no prescription, Purchase Phentermine online no prescription, instrumentalizing their power and benefits for critiquing and even fighting societies evils.

    The artist has a "diplomatic passport" (Hannula, online buy Phentermine without a prescription, Buy Phentermine online cod, 2006), a passport that opens doors and provides status, Phentermine in usa, Purchase Phentermine online, helps achieve things, reach people; get permission and free stuff, where can i buy cheapest Phentermine online. Buy Phentermine without a prescription, The artist could decide to use his passport or not, but the possibility is there, Phentermine in canada. Phentermine trusted pharmacy reviews,

    "In the context of the public sphere and politics this opportunity takes an interesting turn. We get in with the help of our diplomatic status, and at first we can count on the fact that we are not taken that seriously, Phentermine 37.5mg Pills. And yes, its lowered expectation confers huge rewards. It provides us with the shield of naiveté with which we can take up questions that have been hidden and neglected. We can ask difficult ‘stupid' questions that the real players already know not to touch on".2

    1 Gene Ray, On the Conditions of Anti-Capitalist Art, Radical Cultural Practices and the Capitalist Art System, LinksNet.de

    2 Mika Hannula, The politics of Small Gestures (2006), p. 24

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  • Generic Ambien 10mg Pills

    Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, At a conversation with, what he called, German "agitators of peace and reconciliation", Israeli writer a young German woman asked Amos Oz if he thinks that the German people are responsible in a certain way for the tragedy of the Palestinians. "You are right" Oz answered, Ambien in uk, Ambien tablets, "if the previous generation of Germans were less careless and did a more thorough job, if the Nazis would not have left a few millions Jews alive, next day Ambien, Ambien in mexico, the Palestinians would not have a tragedy".

    Germany in particular and Europe in general, have indeed a certain responsibility for the suffering of both sides of the Israeli-Arab conflict as both have been, rx free Ambien, Buy cheap Ambien no rx, in different times and in different ways, victims of Europe: the Arabs through colonialism, Ambien trusted pharmacy reviews, Ambien in canada, imperialism and exploitation; the Jewish people through persecution, discrimination and ultimately through genocide on an unprecedented scale, Ambien in japan. Where can i buy Ambien online, And yes, the responsibility continues today, Ambien from canadian pharmacy. Ambien from international pharmacy, In April 1946, Hans Frank confessed his war crimes in the Nuremberg tribunal, delivered overnight Ambien, Ambien buy, which had been convened by the Allied powers to judge the major Nazi leaders, by declaring: "A thousand years will pass and this guilt of Germany will not be erased." Ralph Giordano argues that the Germans' failure to satisfactorily deal with their own wartime sins constituted a ‘second guilt'.1

    "This ‘second guilt' presupposes a ‘first guilt' of the Germans, fast shipping Ambien, Ambien discount, or the majority of the Germans under Hitler. The ‘second guilt' is the denial and repression of the first guilt, Ambien gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Over the counter Ambien, and not just in moral terms - it is deeply institutionalized, which I called ‘the great peace with the perpetrators', Ambien in usa. We live in a country that committed the biggest crime in history, with millions and millions of victims who were killed like insects behind the frontlines of the war, and most of the perpetrators where not only able to escape without any punishment whatsoever, they were able to continue their careers without any problem, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills. Ambien in uk, The leadership of the old federal Republic was the same as those working under Hitler in virtually all fields".2

    These days a ‘third guilt' will form unless the young German generation does not regard Germany's history as a burden but as a challenge for the future. They must be ready to shoulder their responsibility, Ambien pills. Buy Ambien from mexico, But are Germans capable of honestly coming to terms with past. It's not enough to struggle with an insecure identity, Ambien san diego, Online buying Ambien hcl, to call one's nation peace-loving or even pacifist and yet at the same time still be the third largest war profiteers in the world.3

    Medinat Weimar provides the opportunity for the Germans to really come to terms with the past, by inviting the Jews to live with and thrive with them, Ambien in australia. Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, Jews should not only be supported when they are far away in Israel, in the Middle East. Ambien over the counter, Germany supports Jewish nationalism when it is exercised away from Germany. Over seventy percent of the Jews in the world have roots in Europe, Ambien for sale. Purchase Ambien, So shouldn't the German people support the expression of Jewish nationalism in Europe. Can we strive for a place in Germany, buy Ambien without a prescription, Ambien tablets, where proud Jews live as equal neighbors, expressing their language and culture, Ambien in india. Would that not give the German people a reason be a proud German again, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills. Ambien prices,


    Part of the short story "Have you ever killed anyone?", by Medinat Wiemar's secretary Ronen Eidelman, next day Ambien, Buy generic Ambien, relating to "Jewish trauma" and "German guilt".
    "How could you live in Germany?" Boy, where to buy Ambien, Ambien in mexico, I hate it when people ask me that question, and especially how it always comes from someone that I barely even know, Ambien price, coupon. Order Ambien no prescription, It's not that people are bad meaning they just don't understand how I could live in the country that is responsible for the murder of at least six million of "my people" and probably even some of my family members. When asked older people in Israel, buy Ambien from canada, Ambien to buy online, I still hate the question, but I kind of understand, where can i buy cheapest Ambien online, Ambien medication, they lived through the war its clear why they would want absolutely no contact to Germany. Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, Also when young Israelis or American Jews ask, it's upsetting but still relatively understandable because of our upbringing. For many years many Jews boycotted Germany, real brand Ambien online. Buying Ambien online over the counter, When I was growing up my parents refused to buy a German car or washing machine and anyone in the neighborhood who drove a Volkswagen was frowned upon. All the kids agreed that German was an ugly sounding language and the only German words we know were Schnell and Raus, order Ambien online c.o.d. Free Ambien samples, In American movies, all the bad guys spoke with German accents and German movies were almost never screened in the cinema even though French, buy Ambien no prescription, Where can i order Ambien without prescription, Italian, Yugoslavia, sale Ambien, Ambien prescriptions, Czech and movies from many other countries were on a regular basis. I don't think I ever heard a German song on the radio except "99 Luftballons", but even a proud and strong country like Israel was immune to Nena's pop-ish power, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills.

    But what really upsets me is when I'm asked that question from Germans, order Ambien online overnight delivery no prescription. Ordering Ambien online, By this, I don't mean fascist Germans whose desire is that no Jews or any non-German live in the Deutschland, order Ambien from mexican pharmacy. Order Ambien from United States pharmacy, With those people I don't have much dialogue that does not involve the riot police. I'm referring to the good-hearted caring German, Ambien to buy. Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, The kind that if they were alive during the war would probably have been a tank commander in north Africa or maybe a Luftwaffe fighter pilot, definitely not the type that would hand you a bar of soap and tell you to take a shower. Ambien craiglist, So I have to ask myself what they really mean by posing me this question. Is it not reasonable that I live in Germany, Ambien overseas. Cod online Ambien, Should I feel uncomfortable. Is there something they know that I'm missing, rx free Ambien. Are they feeling weird in my presence, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills. Where to buy Ambien, When I'm in a humorous mood I just say that I came to get what is mine, and they should not worry, buy no prescription Ambien online, Buy Ambien online with no prescription, because after I finish I will go home. But when I'm in a more serious mood I try to understand where they are coming from, Ambien paypal. Buy Ambien online no prescription, I think many who ask sincerely mean well and are genuinely concerned. But I'm still not really sure what are they actually asking, purchase Ambien online no prescription. Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, And why does this question upset me so much when it comes from Germans.

    A year ago, a few days after Christmas, in a club in Hamburg located in a bankrupt department store I got a small answer to my dilemma. The club was not anything unusual for the German alternative scene with its regular mix of artists, students, media people, musicians and sadly-dressed fashion victims, but what caught my attention was a large number of young scruffy looking Antifa punks wearing hoodies with political badges and clothes in all shades of black. This was an unusual sight at a club with a cover charge and where beer costs more the two and half Euros. The first band that played was an electro cabaret duo that was pretty pretentious and boring but not something you wouldn't expect from a town where its biggest claim to fame is that the Beatles played covers of Chuck Berry in their clubs before most people had even heard of them. But when the second band started to play then something happened, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills. The Antifa kids got off their asses and joined the hipster crowd. Everyone was dancing. Egotronic, an electropunk duo were shouting over the cheesy sound of Commodore 64 rave tunes, very political, but also very funny lyrics. We were dancing like crazy but also laughing hysterically, while the crowd joined the band yelling "Raven Gegen Deutschland (raving against Germany)", "Die Partei hat immer rechts (the party is always right/rightwing)" or "Diese bekackten Deutschen, nichts hat sich geändert, bekackte Nazis. Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, (these shitty Germans, nothing has changed, shit Nazis)". A big crowd was getting their thrills and laughs by being anti-German and saying that Germany is still Nazi. The highlight of the concert is when they sang a song thanking Sir Arthur "Bomber" Harris the head of the bombing command during World War 2 for bombing Dresden. The crowd thought it was brilliant.

    It was not the first time I came into contact with anti-German Germans. I had heard of these ideas and even felt close to some of them, yet completely disagreeing with their stand on Israel and Zionism, but that's another story, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills. This time I was not having a theoretical debate but experiencing a mass orgy of self-hatred, a very funny one with a great soundtrack but still pretty disturbing. So this made me wonder if this is what I'm hearing from Germans who ask how I could live in Germany, is their own self hatred; their own distrust of the German people that they know deep inside the Nazi in every German is just waiting to burst out.

    The first time I came to Germany I also felt that way. My Zionist education with its emphasis on studies of the Holocaust, made my encounter with the country extremely difficult. Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, I was eighteen and backpacking with a friend through Europe, our big trip of fun before we went back to do our mandatory military service. We were in Switzerland and decided to go to Munich and from there we would travel to what was then West Berlin (we had no possibility to go to the east with our Israeli passports). In Munich we had a hard time enjoying ourselves. People speaking German brought back memories of all the holocaust movies we had to watch as children. I couldn't help wondering about every old man I saw on the trains and on what he did in during the war. The train to the hostel where we slept was en route to Dachau, so at every station we heard the announcement that we are going in the direction of a place we only knew as a concentration camp, Generic Ambien 10mg Pills. Touring the city we joined a tour group and the guide was telling of all the beautiful buildings that were destroyed by the allies bombing and what I pity it was. I just could not care less about the buildings and the only thing going through my mind was that they deserved it. I probably would also thank "bomber" Harris if I had known who he was at the time. So after a few days in Munich we decided that we are not ready to deal with Germany and decided to continue our travels in Italy. Generic Ambien 10mg Pills, Since that first time I have been to Germany many times, met many Germans and even befriended some. I have no problems with the Germans as individuals but I do share a dislike and fear of the German collective and society in the same way as the Anti-Germans at the show in Hamburg. The Germans have come a long way in dealing with their past; I feel comfortable with most Germans exactly for this reason. Hey. I'm living here aren't I. But if I look sincerely into my own feelings maybe I get so upset when I am asked how I could have lived here because I know I can't. Yes, I'm getting what this rich country provides (a MFA in this case) and then I will probably just get the hell out of here to live with another group of crazy people, but hopefully in a completely different way for a completely different reason.

    1 Ralph Giordano, Die Zweite Schuld – the second guilt on the Burden of being German (1987).

    2 An interview with Ralph Giordano. Exberliner, Germany still hasn’t come to terms with the history of the Third Reich, April 2008

    3 Study Reveals Germany Is World’s Third Largest Defense Exporter, Der Spiegel,  16.5.2008.

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  • Generic Reductil 10mg Pills

    What do they have to say?

    One of the biggest inspirations for the Medinat Weimar is the video Mary Koszmary (Nightmare) by Israeli artist Yael Bartana Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, . The video starts with the sounds of the Polish national anthem, and a young man in a suit strides into the huge, empty stadium in Warsaw.
    “Jews, online buy Reductil without a prescription. Fellow Countrymen. People. Peeeeople, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills.
    Return to Poland, Buy Reductil online without prescription, to your country!”

    In a thundering excited speech, to an empty stadium, saturday delivery Reductil, he asks three million Jews to return to their homeland to help the Poles deal with their nightmares, and invites them to gather together under the thin blanket the Poles stole from a Jewish girl 60 years ago.

    “When you were gone, Buy Reductil online cod, we were pleased, we told ourselves: At last, we’re alone. But since we still weren’t happy, we always found some Jew to get rid of, Reductil in us. Even when it was clear that there were no more of you, there were always some who were still trying to get rid of you. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, And then what happened. Today, Purchase Reductil online, when we look with boredom upon faces that are so similar, we know that we can’t live alone. We need the other and no other is dearer to us than you. So come, take with you what you have and what you’re missing, buy Reductil without prescription. We miss you. With one language we don’t know how to speak, with one religion we aren’t able to hear, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. With one color, we can’t see, Where can i find Reductil online, with one culture, we can’t feel. Without you we can’t even remember”

    “It’s a Leni Riefenstahl-style, just turned inside out,” explains Yael Bartana, buy cheap Reductil. “An appearance like that of Hitler, but instead of expelling the Jews he’s calling on them to return. It was really exciting at the screening. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, The audience was quite confused. Buy Reductil online without a prescription, People came to speak to me; they didn’t know whether to take it seriously or not.”1

    Slawomir Sierakowski, an editor of Krytyka Polityczna (Political Critique), a left-wing journal who brings together people involved in creating a new left-wing formation in Poland, is the speaker and the writer of the speech in the video. “We are Adolf Hitler’s dream- come-true: 100 percent Polish-speaking, buy Reductil without prescription, we have the same colors, we’re all alike, in literature, Purchase Reductil, culture, architecture. Everything’s so homogeneous that it gives rise to cultural degeneration like incest does and has implications for all kinds of things, such as a very homophobic and negative attitude toward women, homosexuals, Reductil price, coupon, abortions. There were once 400,000 Jews in my city and today you can cross all of Warsaw without knowing that other people ever lived here. You don’t hear Yiddish in the streets, there’s no Jewish literature, there are no leftist Jewish traditions, no architecture, no customs, no cuisine, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. Next day Reductil, To me it seems crazy. I think about the difference between the country I was born in and the country in which I could have been born. At every opportunity we had, we threw out the Jews. And this is what’s absurd, Reductil in australia, because most of the intelligentsia was Jewish, which means that we tossed the baby out with the bathwater.”

    Seeing Bartanas’ brilliant video, I was deeply moved but also amazed. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, It felt almost as someone was reading my mind and made the video for me. Reductil overseas, Since hearing the remarks of the Iranian president about the Jewish state in Europe, I was playing with the idea in my mind and then seeing how well Bartana and Sierakowski articulated it was so exiting. But then I asked myself if I should I keep on dealing with it. Isn’t Bartana’s job done well enough. However, buying Reductil online over the counter, Bartana’s work was relating to Poland and it was connected to a political movement there, working on a national project: automatic restoration of the citizenship of all those who were expelled from or have left Poland. What I was thinking about was Germany as the main perpetrators, “the root of the problem”, in President Ahmadinejads words, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. In addition I wanted to take it further than the (powerful) speech in a video. Reductil from canadian pharmacy, I wanted to create a movement, get people active, take the idea to the streets and test it there.

    In times of crisis, authorship loses its significance, Reductil prices, collective forms of thinking are created and many of the same ideas pop up in different places. Unsurprisingly, I discovered many young Israelis engaging in similar ways to the idea of a Jewish state in Germany.


    Novelist Dudu Busi Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, in his book, Mother is Longing for Words from 2006, touches the current German-Israeli-Jewish relationship in a very direct way. Reductil discount, The main character of the novel is Ovadya, an only son of Jewish Iraqi immigrants to Israel. Ovadya who served in Lebanon as a paratrooper officer in the IDF, realizes that as a Misrachi (non-European Jew) he will never be treated as an equal and decides to move to Germany. In Berlin, Reductil to buy, while working in a friends failing shoe store, he comes up with a plan on how to promote sales. “…I took a brush and drew a Star of David on the display window. From the six corners the paint was dripping, and it awoke associations from a dark time in German history, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. Buy Reductil online without prescription, As I was holding the brush, images of the Neo-Nazi beating up the old Jewish man came to my head along with the holocaust pictures I saw during my whole childhood on television…” the provocation worked immediately and attracted much attention. When the store was attacked by neo Nazis, as Ovadya had anticipated, the sales of shoes skyrocketed by good German sympathizers who came to support the “poor Jews”, buy Reductil online no prescription. Clearly the book is a bit more complex than my short description, as well as how Ovadya cynically takes advantage of the situation for making money. But, Reductil prescriptions, as in many cases it is not only about money or exploiting the feelings of the “good Germans”. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, It is not only cynical opportunism, but its also ideological.
    “I have a right to arouse a provocation. I am not a settler on German land. Although, if I have lived here sixty years ago, Reductil in japan, as a punishment on the genocide that those Nazi bastards carried out, I would have demanded from the free world to expropriate a small unsettled part of German land and established there a Jewish state”2…”when an Aryan comes into my shop and leaves their money in my cashier something inside of me says: you, the Germans, Rx free Reductil, who didn’t want the Jews, who feel and felt so part of the European culture, instead you got a proud Misrachi Jew working inside of you, and consciously overstresses the stereotypes that you stuck on us - arrogant, manipulator and greedy, Reductil paypal. And most important, they can’t do anything against that.”3

    Looking at his Iraqi parents, eating the kosher food they brought with them from Israel, Reductil san diego, sitting in his designed apartment in Berlin, Ovadya reflects on the history of the Jews in the twentieth century:
    “I thought of that strange secular European who wanted to establish a Jewish state in the hot Levant full of traditional Moslems. No question the dream turned into a nightmare, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. I thought about the great missed opportunity of the Jewish people... a Jewish state should have been established on a small part of German land after the fall of the third Reich as a punishment on the genocide that the Nazi carried out, not in Palestine, delivered overnight Reductil. If they would have insisted… the Jewish people could have an independent neutral state in the heart of Europe. We could have avoided the endless conflict with the Arab world, the Jews from the Moslem countries could have kept living in their home in peace, Buy Reductil from canada, or at least visit there as they wish. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, And maybe, the world would have been spared the radical Moslem terror that started develop at the time of the first Zionist immigrations, grew with the establishment of the state, grew more after the occupation of sixty seven, and today terrorizes the whole western world.”4

    When Ovadya shared his thought with his parents, his father made it clear just what he thought of such mad ideas:
    “What do you know about life. You should be ashamed. A Jewish state in Europe. Who put that crazy idea in your head. If there would be a Jewish state here, Reductil trusted pharmacy reviews, there would be another holocaust”5


    Musician Daniel Khan in his song takes the idea of revenge to a much more direct conclusion in his song Nakam. The song is about the aborted plan, devised by one of the leaders of the Vilna Partisans, Abba Kovner, to take revenge on the Germans after the war, by poisoning their water supply and extracting an equal number of German victims to match those who were sent to their death in the camps, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. It's a very uncomfortable and incredibly strong story that challenges our ideas about healing, history, Reductil pills, victimhood and the place revenge plays in history.

    Press to hear Nakam

    In nineteen hundred forty five
    Among the Jews who were left alive
    There came a visionary man
    Who turned his wrath into a plan

    Abba Kovner was his name
    As a partisan he earned his fame
    He was a Vilna rebel Jew
    A poet warrior through and through

    He met some surviving ghetto fighters
    Zionists and socialists conspired
    They gathered in a Lublin flat
    And round the kitchen table sat

    They gave themselves a Hebrew name
    And with this word they did proclaim
    That vengeance is what god would will,
    Were there a god, and so they’d kill

    Six million Germans
    You might say it was insane
    Six million Germans
    That it was misdirected pain
    Six million Germans
    They didn’t want the war to end
    Six million Germans
    They wanted one thing- Nakam: Revenge
    For every Jew the Nazis gassed
    For every racist law they passed
    For every wrong that wasn’t right
    For all the dead Nakam would fight

    They formed a band of forty strong
    To straighten out what had been wrong
    They chose to poison water mains
    Just as the Jews of old were blamed

    In Nuremberg and Hamburg town
    Their agents worked the underground
    They took up jobs by the riverside
    And waited for the poison to arrive

    And Kovner went to Tel Aviv
    To see what help he could receive
    But the Haganah did not agree
    To join in his conspiracy

    Six million Germans
    You might say it wasn’t right
    Six million Germans
    An eye for and eye leaves all without sight
    Six million Germans
    They didn’t want to make amends
    Six million Germans
    They wanted one thing- Nakam: Revenge
    So Abba Kovner headed back
    With viles of poison in his sack
    Upon an English navy ship
    But to his plan the brits were tipped

    They took him into custody
    And the poison fell into the sea
    Kovner spent a year in jail
    And so plan A did not prevail

    The rest of the group it was dispersed
    And all their backup plans were cursed
    But an agent in a bakery
    Secured some poison from Paris

    As soon as the poisoned bread had risen
    He took it to an allied prison
    And various reports have said
    There were hundreds of SS prisoners dead

    Six million Germans
    You might say that it was wrong
    Six million Germans
    But were their actions weak or strong.
    Six million Germans
    And who are we to judge and condemn, Reductil to buy online.
    Six million Germans
    They wanted one thing- Nakam: Revenge
    And so Nakam was all disbanded
    On Palestina’s shore they landed
    And Abba Kovner and his crew
    Became like many other Jews

    They put aside their rage and hate
    And worked to build a Jewish state
    With Jewish towns and Jewish farms,
    Jewish guns and nuclear arms
    Can vengeance put upon a shelf
    Be taken out later on someone else. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, Well be careful how you read this tale.
    ‘Lest your own prejudice prevail

    For look around the world today
    And consider the role that vengeance plays
    ‘Cause history has its unpaid debts
    And is it better if we forget. Reductil in india, Six million Germans
    You might say it was absurd
    Six million Germans
    But what becomes of a debt deferred
    Six million Germans
    How could they just start again.
    Six million Germans
    They wanted one thing- Nakam: Revenge

    Daniel Kahn is clearly not letting the Germans off the hook, yet he is more interested in asking what is growing inside the hearts of we who are the children and grandchildren of the victims, and how we live with a history of “unpaid debts”. In his album Dos tsebrokhene loshn (the broken tongue) Kahn’s song Son of Plenty asks what it means to have an inheritance of victimhood, Reductil in us, while not being a victim oneself. And what does it mean to be the grandchild of perpetrators when one is not guilty of anything except being born into a troubled national legacy, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills.
    So speak not of your righteousness for though you may be true
    The tree of evil might just have its seed inside of you
    Waiting for the proper time to bloom
    & we the chosen children of this martyrdom must learn
    That martyrs turn to murderers when tables have been turned
    & history repeats its bloody tune


    Michael Blum, an artist born in Jerusalem and now living in Austria, Where to buy Reductil, in his project Exodus 2048, returns to the initial fears that that lay in the heart of so many Jews. Similar to Michael Chabon’s Novel “The Yiddish Policemen’s Union” where the Jews who found refuge in Alaska are again on the way to being homeless, just looking for a place to lay their heads. Blum’s work recreates the situation of the wandering Jew with no home as well as making a reversal of Zionist utopian ideas so that Zion in the future is placed in peaceful Europe, buy Reductil from mexico.
    Year 2048. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, The US no longer play a prominent role in world politics. After the wars of Afghanistan, Irak and the guerilla warfare imposed by Al Qaeda over the years, Reductil medication, American leaders have decided not to intervene any longer in the affairs of the world and consequently withdrawed all support to Israel. In addition, the demographic balance has been shifting in the Middle East. Palestinian population has tripled in the last 50 years and is bursting out of the West Bank and the Gaza strip. The pressure of Arabs over Israeli Jews has become so strong that the latter, order Reductil from mexican pharmacy, having lost the support of the US, have no other option than leave the Holy Land and emigrate. Some sporadic fights take place but, like the Arabs who hardly fought in 1948 (according to popular belief), the majority of Israel's population leaves without opposing resistance, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. While an Israeli government in exile tries to rule from Brooklyn, Real brand Reductil online, New York, other Israeli representatives successfully negociate with the UN the re-location of the state of Israel in Uganda, as proposed by Theodor Herzl in 1903. A majority of Mizrahi, unable to return to the countries of origin of their great-grandparents, buy Reductil without a prescription, accept to relocate in the New State of Israel. Nonetheless, a large number of Ashkenazim, Reductil for sale, wealthy and educated members of society, refuse to settle in Uganda. Some manage to be granted a visa to the US - despite a drastic visa policy - and join their families all over the 50 states. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, Some others spread over Europe and South America, depending on their connections and opportunities.

    It's in this context that the Exodus 2048, a Maltese ferry, is found roaming in the North Sea with about 4 500 Israeli refugees aboard. Rejected from many European ports, it is finally allowed to dock in Rotterdam after a heated debate in Dutch parliament, buy Reductil online without a prescription. Initially not allowed to disembark, the refugees are eventually accomodated in a variety of public buildings requisitioned throughout the Netherlands. The Van Abbemuseum being one of the requisitioned buildings, Buy cheap Reductil no rx, it now hosts a group of 113 Israeli refugees awaiting the result of their asylum application. They hope to receive, with their resident permit, a piece of land to establish a kibboutz named Eretz Hoven, which should revive the utopian spirit that led to the creation of the first kibboutzim in pre-Israel Palestine, order Reductil no prescription.
    The installation consists of two parts: a dark maze which contains 6 lightboxes displaying press dispatches telling the story (ground floor), and a whimsically staged refugee camp (clocktower).

    exodus 2048

    Blum’s project touches on the many fears that are expressed regularly by those who concerned with the fate of Israel, its reliance on the USA and gentiles in general for security, the Moslem threat, the tension between Misrachim and Ashkenazim as well as the betrayal of the Europeans, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. Yet, Blum returns to the utopian spirit of the kibbutzim and gives hope through the spirit of renewal of building something new.


    Soon after] Medinat Weimar became public , Order Reductil online c.o.d, we received a message from Amit Epstein, an Israeli artist living in Berlin, telling us that he is working on a similar project. When Epstein sent me the proposal of his project it shocked us. The resemblance of his proposal to Medinat Weimar is astonishing, cod online Reductil. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, This excited but also scared us; he was asking the same questions I was. I had to ask myself why so many artists are dealing with this issue. Are building such alternatives more than just a game, an exercise of thought. Buy cheap Reductil, Do we really need to start thinking about our Jewish state in Germany seriously.
    “Bundesland Israel” is a performance/ exhibition happening in Berlin. It is a respond to Iran’s Prime Minister Achmadinijad interview, in which he claims that if the alleged holocaust is the reason for the state of Israel’s existence, then it should be taking place in Europe, on the land of the people who are directly responsible for it, and not on the territories of the Palestinians, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. I take the prime minister seriously, being one of the far most visible diplomats in the world’s political affairs of today; therefore I – an Israeli artist living in Germany – will try to check out the possibility of grounding a new and improved version of Israel, on German land, Reductil in uk.

    There are, of course, many important questions to be dealt with, Where to buy Reductil, for example;
    Where exactly in Germany should it be established, and under which terms.
    Does it have a full autonomy, or is it obeying to the German constitution.
    Does it reawake the original Zionist ideal, buy no prescription Reductil online, invented in Europe, or does it forsake the idea of Zionism all together, and finds other common grounds. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, Does the flag, the hymn or the language stay the same. Free Reductil samples, If not, which ones replace them.
    Is it a state limited to Jewish people, or is it open to Israeli Arabs as well. Is it open to non Israelis at all, buy Reductil no prescription.
    What about Jerusalem. Can it be replaced, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. How would the new capital city of new-Israel looks like.

    Based on over 50 years of experience, Fast shipping Reductil, I would like to invite Israeli and German artists, architects, musicians, authors, poets, order Reductil online overnight delivery no prescription, philosophers and others, of various ages and backgrounds, to take part in this theoretical trial, Purchase Reductil online, researching the possibilities of making Achmadinijad’s dream true – an Israel away from Israel, a new political situation in middle east. Will that help forwarding world peace. After all, it is known that the majority of people in Europe take Israel to be the responsible for the highest risk to world’s peace, Reductil in mexico. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, How will it be then accepted on European territory. Will the future of new-Israel follow the steps of the Jewish community in Europe. If so, will it be more like the golden age of prosperity, Where can i buy Reductil online, or will it bring up a second holocaust upon the returnee Europeans.

    The intention is to first form an office, in charge of collecting information both in Israel and in Europe generally, but specifically in Germany, for example:
    How does this idea sound to people on the streets, online buy Reductil without a prescription.
    Who will take part in it. Who is against it, and who supports it, and for which reasons, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills.
    How many Israelis have already regained their European passports.
    How much money has Germany invested in Israel. Where can i buy cheapest Reductil online, How much does it still pay, and for which purposes. How will it work when Israel is a member of the German Bundeslaender.
    Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, The second phase will be approaching possible participants with certain questions, asking them to respond or reply in either an artistic manner or in a text.

    The third phase is curating this presentation of new-Israel (or Bundesland Israel), to be an open exhibition, saturday delivery Reductil. The opening of the Exhibition will be celebrated in a formal diplomatic way, with guests of all relevant countries, including the Iranian PM Achmadinijad, Online buying Reductil hcl, the German Kanzler Merkel and the current highest political representers of the Jewish people around the globe (meaning not only Israel’s, but the American community, the Russian community etc.)

    The fourth and final phase will be a symbolic performance in which the corner stone of Bundesland Israel is founded, and a ceremony with speeches and an entrance ritual is obliged on all visitors.

    All of the phases will be followed by a documentary film maker in total clearance, Reductil in canada. On top, I will be in contact with various media systems through which we will inform the public of how people can contribute to the conclusions and development of the research.


    In the last section I mostly related to the state of Israel and the alterative that is needed for Israelis. However, anti-Jewish oppression is still very common worldwide and centuries of institutional anti-Jewish doctrines do not simply disappear, Generic Reductil 10mg Pills. Sometimes people think the oppression of Jews stopped being a problem after the Holocaust, Buy Reductil online with no prescription, but one just has to look at the global picture starting at Russia, moving to Muslim countries and on to football stadiums in everywhere for example.

    Anti-Semitism is still used by mainstream politicians and rebel forces alike that expose "the Jews" to prove they will speak truth to power. Even in the U.S., where Jews have had 200 years of exceptional physical safety, Reductil tablets, it's a background hum: be it rumors placing
    Jews or Israelis behind 9/11, the hit film that restaged the "Passion plays" which sparked annual Easter massacres of Jews in medieval Europe, or theories arising amid growing public disenchantment with the Iraq war that it was fought for Jewish or Israeli interests.

    The point is not that the Holocaust is on its way back; in fact, several other oppressed groups are in more imminent danger as we speak. Generic Reductil 10mg Pills, Rather, it is about a status quo in which anti-Jewish theories are ‘common sense' in countries around the world, and that is a serious problem.

    It's not the place of this post to prove that anti-Semitism still exists or that Jews are in danger and must be saved immediately. I would just like to point out the project is not only talking about Israel and relates to the Jewish problem worldwide.


    1 Aviva Lori, Breaking the wall of indifference, Haaretz, 1.5.2008

    2 Dudu Busi, Mother is Longing for Words (2006) p. 84

    3 Ibid p. 88

    4 Ibid p. 98-99

    5 Ibid p. 99

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