In December 2005 Iranian president Ahmadinejad while talking about the Palestinian Israeli conflict on Iranian TV suggested that: “The Europeans can give parts of their territories to Israel. We are in favor of this idea. They can give them as much aid as they want so they can found their state, both in terms of money and in terms of weapons. Germany and Austria in particular could place some of their provinces at Israelis’ disposal in order to solve their problem at its root[1]“. Although Ahmadinejads’ suggestion should be considered as pure propaganda rooted in a very common and obvious anti-Semitic discourse I propose that this suggestion deserves a closer look from the very opposite side of its ideological meaning. If one takes Ahmadinejad literally and extract his words from its original (anti-Semitic) context one can hijack his message in a very mind provoking and non-conformist way. I’m inspired to look deeper into the possibilities of this idea, and to explore another meaning of to “solve their problem at its root“: to form another Jewish state outside of Israel that is based on a post-Zionist concept. The mere idea of this state (not as a replacement of the current state of Israel but as another one) transverses all ideological, cultural and religious trenches within the Israeli as well as the German discourse.

[1] Al-alam tv, December 8, 2005


It’s a bit too late to found the Jewish state in Europe because it already exists for 63 years now – and some 6 Million Jews are already living in it today… However, it is still not too late to found a Palestinian state there instead – and I’m sure all the lefties who are so obsessed with “the poor Palestinians” would love to help them…

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Iranian president Ahmadinejad: The Europeans can give parts of their territories to Israel.


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