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Introducing the Movement to the general public

22nd of June 2008
Rally 11am – 1pm, Theaterplatz, Weimar

Speeches, Music, Propaganda
The audience is invited to participate in the rally. The crowd is encouraged to bring their own signs and banners. Empty placards and markers will also be available so anyone can add their own slogans.

The Rally will take place in the center of Weimar at Theaterplatz, in front of the German National Theatre, where in 1919, the national assembly convened to write and adopt the Weimar Constitution.

We feel that by celebrating the establishment of the Movement at the very place where the Weimar Constitution was drafted and signed, it is a great symbolic gesture to the ideas and hopes of the men and women who founded the Weimar republic. Medinat Weimar wishes to connect to their legacy of freedom and equality and to continue the dream of a perfect democracy.

Conference 2pm – 18pm,
Palais Dürckheim (Cranachstr. 47), Weimar

Discussion, Debate, Decisions
Supporters are invited to discuss the principles of the movement, its future and what actions need to be taken to advance its vision. The Conference seeks to broaden the collective element to the movement.


The Palais Dürckheim is a villa built in 1913 by the Belgian Art Nouveau architect Henry van de Velde. The Dürckheims led one of the most open salons in Weimar. Notables of the city were frequent guests, yet other kinds of citizens attended too such as teachers and students of Bauhaus. Rumors tell us that the delegates who drafted the Weimar Constitution met at the villa to discuss its details. In 1922, Dada events, where they held great arguments about how political the Dada should be, also took place at the villa. After the Second World War, Palais Dürckheim became the regional headquarters of the Red Army, and in the seventies it became the regional Stasi headquarters. From 2006, the Villa is used for culture activities.



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Rally and Conference celebrating the establishment of the Movement


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