Selected writings on Zionism, Jewish states, Shoa and German Jewish relationship:

Jacqueline Rose: The Question of Zion

Martin Buber: On Zion: The History of an Idea. Israel and Palestine, The History of an Idea, On Judaism.

Ahad Ha’am (Asher Hirsch Ginsberg): selected writings…

Theodor Herzl: The Jewish State (Der Judenstaat), The Old New Land (Altneuland)

Hannah Arendt: The Jew as Pariah: Jewish Identity and Politics in the Modern Age. Zionism reconsidered

Avraham Burg: Victory Over Hitler

Amos Elon: The Pity of It All: A Portrait of the German-Jewish Epoch, 1743-1933. Herzel.

Idith Zertal: Israel’s Holocaust and the Politics of Nationhood

Michael Chabon: The Yiddish Policemen’s Union (novel)

Philip Roth: Operation Shylock: A Confession (novel)

The so-called normalization of the Jew was a tragic illusion from the start. But when this normalization is expected to flourish in the very heart of Islam, it is worse than tragic-it is suicidal. Horrendous as Hitler was for us, he lasted a mere twelve years, and what is twelve years to the Jew? The time has come to return to Europe that was for centuries, and remains to this day, the most authentic Jewish homeland there has ever been, the birthplace of rabbinic Judaism, Hasidic Judaism, Jewish secularism, socialism-and on and on. The birthplace, of course, of Zionism too. But Zionism has outlived its historical function. The time has come to renew in the European diaspora our preeminent spiritual and cultural role.
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> In Praise of Diasporism, or, Three Cheers for Irving Berlin By Adam Shatz

Adam Shatz: Prophets Outcast: A Century of Dissident Jewish Writing about Zionism and Israel

Dudi Busi: Mother is Longing for Words (novel)

The Weimar Republic Sourcebook, by Anton Kaes, Martin Jay, and Edward Dimendberg


Agamben, Giorgio (2000): Means without Ends: Notes on Politics.
Ahad Ha’am – Asher Hirsch Ginsberg (1897): The Jewish State and Jewish Problem.
Arendt, Hannah (1978): The Jew as Pariah: Jewish Identity and Politics in the Modern Age.
Arendt, Hannah (1945): Zionism reconsidered.
Babylonian Talmud.
Buber, Martin (1946): The Meaning of Zionism.
Burg, Avraham (2007): Victory Over Hitler.
Busi, Dudi (2006): Mother is Longing for Words.
Chabon, Michael (2007): The Yiddish Policemen’s Union.
Duncombe, Stephen (2007): Dream: Re-imagining progressive politics in an age of fantasy.
Elon, Amos  (2002): The Pity of It All: A Portrait of the German-Jewish Epoch, 1743-1933.
Elon, Amos (1977): Herzl
Fulbrook, Mary (1995): Autonomy of a Dictatorship: Inside the GDR 1949-1989
Giordano, Ralph  (1987: Die Zweite Schuld – The Second Guilt and the Burden of Being German.
Gordon, Adi (2004): In Palestine. in a Foreign Land: The Orient, A German-language weekly between German exile and aliyah.
Hannula, Mika (2006): The politics of Small Gestures: Chances and Challenges for Contemporary Art.
Hauser, Gerard (1999): Vernacular Voices: The Rhetoric of Publics and Public Spheres.
Herzl, Theodor (1896): The Jewish State (Der Judenstaat).
Herzl, Theodor (1960): The complete diaries of Theodor Herzl.
Hyde, Lewis (1998): Trickster Makes this World: Mischief, Myth, and Art.
Kaes, Anton; Jay, Martin; and Dimendberg, Edward (1994): The Weimar Republic Sourcebook.
Kuchta-Kallienen, Oliver (2003): Protocols, Amorph!03: Summit of Micronations, 29-31.08.2003, Helsinki, Finland
Laclau, Ernesto and Mouffe, Chantal (2001): Hegemony and Socialist Strategy: Towards a Radical Democratic Politics, New Edition.
Mosse, George L. (1985): German Jews beyond Judaism.
Ray, Gene (2007): On the Conditions of Anti-Capitalist Art ,Radical Cultural Practices and the Capitalist Art System.
Rose, Jacqueline (2005): The Question of Zion
Zertal, Idith (2002): Israel’s Holocaust and the Politics of Nationhood
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How about:

Redemption and Utopia Jewish Libertarian Thought in Central Europe: A Study in Elective Affinity by Michael Löwy

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