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  • ‘Over-identification’ with the ‘hidden reverse’ of ideology

    “In Israel, in order to be a realist you must believe in miracles”. David Ben-Gurion1 “Be realistic – demand the impossible!” – Soyez réalistes, demandez l’impossible! – Anonymous graffiti, Paris 1968 “Realists are, as a rule, only men in the rut of routine who are incapable of transcending a narrow circle of antiquated notions”. Theodor […]

  • Independent state?

    “The fall of the Soviet Communist party and the unconcealed rule of capitalist-democratic state on a planetary scale have cleared the field of the two main ideological obstacles hindering the resumption of a political philosophy worthy of our time: Stalinism on one side, and progressivism and the constitutional state on the other. Thought thus finds […]

  • Like a dream of Martin Buber

    “On the day that we exodus from Auschwitz and we build a new state of Israel, we also have to free Germany from our imprisonment.” Avraham Burg1 Medinat Weimar is not talking about a separation of one state for Jews and one for the Thurigians, but rather “A union of two independent people with equal […]

  • Shrinking population and a weak economy

    xx Eighteen years after German reunification, the former East Germany is still a troubled place. Only about 60 percent of eastern Germans that are capable of gaining employment are in fact employed and it’s a major liability that costs the German economy €100 billion annually. Migration away from the East continues unabated, especially among young […]

  • Legacy of Jewish life and culture

    “Above all, in a study of Goethe one finds one’s Jewish substance”, Ludwig Straus1 Jews were noted in the region by the tenth century, while organized communities appeared about three centuries later. In territory that is part of Thuringia today, Erfurt stands as the oldest Jewish settlement, having begun in the twelfth century. During the […]

  • History of anti-Semitism and German nationalism

    The original title page of On the Jews and their Lies, written by Martin Luther in 1543. Martin Luther is very connected to Thuringia. He was educated in Erfurt and much of his life’s work he carried out in Thuringia, including the translation of the New Testament into German. Luther was concerned with the Jewish […]

  • Important place in German culture

    “Many famous people from all branches of arts and culture have left their traces in the cultural state of Thuringia. The encyclopedias listing great German minds would be sadly depleted without all those who found Thuringia a good place to spend their lives or to live and work for a while. The most famous ones […]

  • The Neues Museum saga

    “If there is anything which may be referred to as a political manifestation of the postmodern age, then this would be called upon to design a global cartography of our perception and cognition, and to project this into a social space open to precise evaluation”1 In mid January 2008 I (R.Eidelman) proposed to create a […]

  • No liberty without identity

    “The discussion about identity is not (only) about identity it really is a discussion about liberty. The thing is that there is no liberty without identity. Having an identity is the condition for achieving liberty. Only the ruling classes have the privilege to announce that they are “without identity” they define there identity as universal […]

  • A different Jewish state

    “Jewish heritage is love of freedom and good cooking” Heinrich Heine To paraphrase the Indymedia slogan, “don’t hate media, become the media” I would like to propose, “don’t hate the state, become a state”. Yes, states are not the best idea, national states are the worst. I would love a social revolution based on universal […]


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