Medinat Weimar is opening a bureau at the Tegen2 gallery in Stockholm, and will establish a temporary Swedish headquarters. The purpose of the office is to educate the Swedish public about the movement and to encourage them to support the idea. We believe that the Kingdom of Sweden – The current president of the European Union, with its highly developed economy and great tradition of democracy can play a role in forwarding the vision of the movement and can help persuade the European community as well as their German neighbors in the vitality of the idea. In edition in Sweden and in the city of Stockholm live large Palestine and Lebanon communities that we believe can connect and find hope in the ideas of Medinat Weimar.

Tegen 2. Bjurholmsg. 9b, T-bana Skanstull, 070-7161923, 070-2855777,,
23.10.09-8.11.09 opening: 23 October 17 – 20, 19.00 press conference and dicussion.

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Medinat Weimar in Stockholm, Sweden


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