Medinat Weimar Music Mix

mixed by Warti & Ronen
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Part 1:
The Unternationale, greeting to Medinat Weimar

Ehud Banai, The Yiddishe Rastaman

The Unternationale, Oh You Foolish Little Zionists (Tsionistn)
The Klezmatics, I Ain’t Afraid

MW mix – part 1

Part 2:
Balkan Beat Box, Adir Adirim

Ofra Haza
, Galbi
– Nigel Haadmor, Humus Makes You Stupid
Naftule Brandwein, Kleine Princessin
So Called, Dayenu (Featuring Paul Shapiro)
Oi Va Voi, Dror Yikra
MW mix – part 2

Part 3:
Sarit Hadad, Ksat Mishuga’at (a little crazy)

The Klezmatics, Tsiveles Bulgar

Yidcore, Jewpower!
Frank London’s Klezmer, Wedding in Crown Heights

Balkan Beat Box, Ramallah Tel Aviv
MW mix – part 3

Part 4:
Zohar Argov, Et Dodi Calah
Soulico, Aris (sans) & Shimi Soniq – Ham H
Sinsemilia, L’amour Comme Arme}
Shotei Hanevua (Fools of Prophecy), At the Hotel in Amman
MW mix – part 4

Part 5:
Hadag Nachash, Shirat Hasticker
So Called, 3rd Cup: Yahu (Feat. Matisyahu & Trevor Dunn)
– Jay, I’m a Moslem – Elhamdulilah
– Breslav, Hakadosh Baruch Hoo – We Love You!
Yerba Buena, Belly Dancer (Feat. Fulanito & members of Gogol Bordello)

Daniel Kahn & The Painted Bird, Nakam (6,000,000 Germans)
MW mix – part 5


[…] YouTube – The Unternationale greet Medinat Weimar. […]

Koschere Bratwurst jetzt! | eins78 added these pithy words on Sep 20 08 at 00:38

[…] YouTube – The Unternationale greet Medinat Weimar. […]

Koschere Bratwurst jetzt! | EINS78 added these pithy words on Jun 06 10 at 00:47

A masterstroke in time and space! The DJs of Denmark greet the Medinat Weimar <3

Tias added these pithy words on Dec 25 09 at 20:33

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