A list of press and blogs referring to the movement:

Medinat Weimar received hundreds of responses and media outlets worldwide wrote about the project. Below is a partial list of internet links to many of the articles, blog posts and discussions that can be found on the internet. Collecting radio and printed articles worldwide was difficult and therefore are not presented. Please, if you have any additional links to suggest, please do.

Deutsche Press:

Schalom Thüringen, Charlotte Misselwitz, 21.06.2008, Die Tageszeitung (Deutsch)

In Thüringen soll ein neues Israel entstehen, Robin Alexander, 20.06.2008, Die Welt
Berlin Morgenpost
(same article)

Absurde Idee zu Ende gedacht (Absurd idea thought to an end), Thüringische Landeszeitung, 22.06.2008, Weimar (Deutsch)

Jedem das Seine!, Walter Schmidt, 21.06.2008, Die Achse des Guten (Deutsch)

Thüringen wird umbenannt in Israel, 19.06.08, Altermedia (Deutsch)

Medinat Wiemar, Hate work Love Communism, different posts (Deutsch)

International Press:

Drugi Izrael w Polsce?, Piotr Zychowicz, 17.06.2008, Rzeczpospolita, Poland (Polish)

Second Jewish State in Germany? Tmo, 19.06.2008, Muslim Media Network. Cairo
also on IslamOnline.net (English)

Graduate student pushes for Jewish state in Germany, Anat Or, 14.06.2008, Haaretz, Tel Aviv (English)

A Jewish state in Germany? What could possibly go wrong?, Jon Ihle, 22.06.2008, Sunday Tribune, Ireland (English)

Faith News, Times Online, 2O.06.2008, London (English)

Jewish Press:

A Jewish state in Weimar: Fantasy, provocation or both? Toby Axelrod, 17.06.2008, JTA
and here, here, here, here, here and in many other jewish papers worlwide (English)

Lasst uns mit Geschichte und Zukunft spielen, Moritz Reininghaus, June 2008, Judische Zeitung, Berlin (Deutsch)

Artist envisions new state for Jewish discontents (podcast), Daniel Sieradski, 18.06.08, JTA (English)


If I forget Berlin, Anat Or, 13.06.2008, Haaretz, Tel Aviv (Hebrew)

Kedma, 08.05.08 (Hebrew)

Efforts of Jews to establish a Jewish state in Germany draws concern in Europe, 16.06.08, Moqavemat.com (Hizbollah web site) (Hebrew)

Israeli Artist suggests to establish a Jewish state in Germany, Dr. Rivka shefek Lisk, 18.06.08, Omedia

You don’t feel like establishing a Jewish state in Germany? Benny Tzipper, 08.07.08, Haaretz (hebrew). English discusion following Benny Tzippers‘ piece with some translation. Benny Tzipper translated to French.

Blogs and Forums from all over:

Medinat Weimar – For a new Jewish State in Germany? Contested Terrain

Graduate student pushes for Jewish state in Germany, PolishForums

A Jewish State in Germany as an Artwork, NowPublic

A Jewish state in Wiemar? Jewschool

Pinko journalist pushes for Jewish state in Germany, Stormfront (white power)

Ein jüdischer Staat soll in Deutschland entstehen, Chajms Sicht (Deutsch)

In Thüringen soll ein neues Israel entstehen, Turkishtalk (Deutsch)

Israel in Thüringen, Schoggo-TV (Deutsch)

…and more from
Germany 1, 2, 3, 4, 5(polish), 6, 7, 8

Turkey 1(English)

Israel 1, 2, 3(Hebrew), 4(Hebrew)

Hungary 1, 2

Argentina 1

State of Translocality


I am trying to get in touch with Berlin-based Medinat Weimar people. I live in Berlin, was told about the project from a mutual acquaintance, have read your site with interest, and was hoping to meet in person. Do you have any events coming up, or are any of you around to meet informally? I also am considering writing an essay about your project, and would enjoy first-hand contacts. (Making new friends also doesn´t hurt.)
Look forward to hearing back from you!

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